About Free E Mushroom

Free E Manufactory  is a modernised greenhouse factory specialising in exotic mushroom production, using  the most advanced  equipment and latest technology, growing the mushrooms with the quality of international standard. Free E Manufactory is the most valuable project of Sasolburg, given high priority by local government and  The National Trade development.

Our Manufactory

Free E Manufactory (Pty) Ltd has built a Hi-tech green-house in Sasolburg, to cultivate healthy and non-polluted mushrooms in a controlled environment and harvested with automatic systems.

Grand Opening

President Jacob Zuma and the Mayor of Sasolburg was in attendance of the opening ceremony of Free E Mushroom and visited the factory, they gave high evaluation for the project.

Free E Mushroom Products

Free E Manufactory is a specialist in exotic mushroom production

Free E mushrooms are grown in a organic medium


The Free E laboratory have created our own medium after much research, it is the ideal combination of raw organic materials, providing the ideal environment for growth, therefore the quality and quantity of our mushrooms are guaranteed.

Only the best spawn are selected to growth mushrooms, and with strict control of all environments following the whole process, the quality and the quantity of our mushroom are fully ensured, that is the reason why we called ourselves; Free E the mushroom manufactory.

Harvest of Free E mushrooms


All our exotic mushrooms are locally grown, the time from when they are freshly picked to when they are onto the shelf of the retailer is shorter than importing exotic mushrooms, so the mushrooms are fresher, look better, richer taste and have a longer shelf-life